Elastic Block Store (EBS):

We can use the data of an instance even if we terminate it. That being said, you will need another instance to mount the data but it has to be one instance at a time at the Certified Cloud Practitioner (CCP) level. In terms of Associate levels which are Solutions Architect, Developer, and SysOps, multi-attach is possible for some EBS. Also, another important thing is, EBS is bound to a specific availability zone.

What do you think so far? Is it a network drive or a physical drive?

It’s a network drive! which means that it…


Before going to work with EC2, you should always set up your budget. Different service requires money while using them. It needs to be done from the root account, under the “IAM User and Role Access to Billing Information” section. Go to the budgets section and create a cost recommended budget. Good practice would be creating a monthly and forecasting budget setup. Don’t forget to use your email so that you get notifications on time.

IAM stands for Identity and Acess Management, which is a global service. By default, you are using a root account that can not be shared or used. Let’s go over the basic understanding of IAM.

IAM: Users and Groups

— Users of an organization can be grouped.

— The group contains only the users, which is people. However, a group can not contain another group. But a user can be in multiple groups.

— There can be a lone user who doesn’t need to be in a group. Not necessarily.

Acquiring SQL knowledge is pretty imitating while working with business intelligence. I have been working on data analytics and data science for quite some time now. I have learned that some advanced SQL knowledge really comes in handy; while doing the other tasks in BI. In this article, I am going to show some techniques on how to use SQL to analyze the data. I have used an opensource database named “mavenfuzzyfactory” and the ER diagram would look like this:


The dataset and the following questions are taken from the assignments of a course that I have taken. Remember, I…

In the previous article, I have shown some intuitive techniques that you can use on a dataset to perform data analytics tasks. The post can be found here!

Let’s Consider that after visualizing and analyzing your data, your dashboard looks like this:


Now, your task is to properly deploy this dashboard and maintain the deliverables! Here is still some work that needs to be done!

Gateway Installation!

You will be able to download the gateway installation file from the powerBI official website! Download the personal mode and follow the steps below:

I have been working on data science techniques with my machine learning knowledge for a while. While working with data science, data analytics is important to understand the data. I thought of giving Power BI a go to explore further. This article will merely contain some conceptual work on how to do different data analytics stuff. Let’s start!

“Data analytics is a technical aspect of analysis that has predictive capabilities and can be used to find an effective business solution! …

Transfer Learning!

“A Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) for image classification is made up of multiple layers that extract features, such as edges, corners, etc; and then use a final fully-connected layer to classify objects based on these features. You can visualize this like this:

In the CNN technique, the convolutional layer, the pooling layer is for features extraction and the fully connected layer is for the classification problem in our particular case.

Transfer Learning is a technique where you can take an existing trained model and re-use its feature extraction layers, replacing its final classification layer with a fully connected layer trained…

“Deep Learning is a general term that usually refers to the use of neural networks with multiple layers that synthesize the way the human brain learns and makes decisions. A convolutional neural network is a kind of neural network that extracts features from matrices of numeric values (often images) by convolving multiple filters over the matrix values to apply weights and identify patterns, such as edges, corners, and so on in an image. The numeric representations of these patterns are then passed to a fully-connected neural network layer to map the features to specific classes.”

In this article, we are…

“Classical machine learning relies on using statistics to determine relationships between features and labels and can be very effective for creating predictive models. However, massive growth in the availability of data coupled with advances in the computing technology required to process it has led to the emergence of new machine learning techniques that mimic the way the brain processes information in a structure called an artificial neural network.”

Deep Neural Network!

From the title, I believe you guys can figure it out that we are going to work on both PyTorch and Tensorflow to build a simple deep learning model based on a…

Regression is a statistical method that can be used in such scenarios where one feature is dependent on the other features. Regression also identifies the importance of the features, the influences of each other, what can be useful, and what can be ignored. Regression usually works well with numerical datasets. Let’s get to the point, I will use the dataset of real estate sales transactions to predict the price-per-unit of a property based on its features. The price-per-unit in this data is based on a unit measurement of 3.3 square meters. The dataset can be found here!

Let’s start with…

Mahedi Hasan Jisan

Data Scientists / Full Stack Deep Learning

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