Everything on Docker (Part lll)

sudo apt install nodejs

mahedi@mahedi-VirtualBox:~$ node -v

→ v10.19.0

npx create-react-app frontend

The app is running!

Sending build context to Docker daemon 196.3MB


docker run -it -p 3000:3000 -v /app/node_modules -v $(pwd):/app <image-id>

Observe the changes!

Github Setup

GitHub repo!

Travis CI Setup

Travis CI
Instructions for TravisCI
Test run successfully done!

AWS (Elastic Beanstalk)

Elastic Beanstalk Configuration

Let’s discuss the changes in the “!.travis.yml” file.

App name, region, env name → everything can be found here!
Credentials Setup!




Python Developer

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Mahedi Hasan Jisan

Mahedi Hasan Jisan

Python Developer

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